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, if you follow the metaphor that bullying is a systemic virus, then the environment has to change so the virus cannot grow and the only way the environment changes is if youth and adults begin to speak with one voice about changing the social norms that allows it to happen. it makes sense to most of us, you have it khaifrpb the social norms. we must educate. but we must go beyond thinking more rigor will get us better achievement. we have to remember a school is a community and in a xhuept, people look out for each other. they've got each other's back. how do we begin to promote that idea that we are in this thing together? we believe it's through, unfortunately but truly, self-interest. kids are driven developmentally by the desire to fit in, to belong, to be part of an affinity group. if we can capitalize on their desire to look out for their friends and give them some more tools and opportunities and support, they will begin to do what we need them to do to at least confront it in their own small cell of social influence and the compounding and leveraging of that begins to mak
the coalition. this list of membership was pushed judge? because we were eliminating me. they were changing the by laws to eliminate me. why? because i testify that about the bars at the planning commission. and after several times when this change was read over and over by the city employees it's a police code violation. i can be arrested for this. but almost all the resident are given because they were forced out by threats and intimidation in the press and yet those are the group that you say is - our neighborhood is wrecked >> any additional public comment? >> sue i'm asking the commission to request a hearing on a couple of hearing. one is a presentation of how where you're going to process with the dates where we have to read those in the paper. it's a planning commission issue. second saturdays paper the sequesterer. in the sequesterer list which is the list of impacts of san francisco was the removal of chunks not all but a chunk of the central quarter what is going to happen to the funding for the sequesterer for the city? i think it's a matter of planning commission interests
state law provisions governing community college and board of education candidates; change deadlines for withdrawal of candidacy and candidate qualification statements; change the public inspection period for candidate materials; change requirements for petition circulator badges; delete the requirement that a disclaimer appear before board of supervisors' arguments in the voter information pamphlet; incorporate state law provisions governing signatures in lieu of filing fees; reinstate candidate filing fee provisions; and make other technical amendments. >> mr. chair, is this the amended proposed amended resolution that was just handed to us, not the one that we have in our possession, correct? >> that is correct. >> okay. >> and i can explain further, supervisor breed. >> thank you. >> please do. >> thank you. thank you very much, chair yee. andrew shen, deputy city attorney. good afternoon again. at the request of the director of elections, there are a few minor amendments and what i just distributed to the committee, just to highlight them to you, i've actually colored them in ye
become item 2, and it is discuss and possible action regarding file number 1 21065, legislation changing the planning code to create the polk street alcohol use and tobacco paraphernalia restrictions. and to discuss that, supervisor chiu's office. >> good evening, commissioners. >> thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to come here and talk to you about our legislation, my name is any, chan i am a david khao*u. >> the lower polk street corridor which is in the supervisor's district spans from fer elstreet to polk street and it has a lot of great night life, but we have heard that have been quality of life issues in the corridor because of a saturation of liquor, establishments and in this section of lower polk street. the planning department has provided us data about exactly how many liquor licenses exist in this span of 6th streets and the side streets, there are about 45 existing alcohol permits in the 6-block region. and if we also include middle polk street. which goes up to fillbert street and we are laobing at a total of 121 liquor licenses. and so we do what we have h
this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes? >> okay. there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> without objection? >> excuse me. let's open it up for public comment on the minutes. all right, seeing no public comment on the meeting there is a motion to move and accept the minutes. without objection. >> so moved. >> so. madam clerk, number three. >> recommend authority sizing the executive director to execute memo of agreement with the san francisco department of public works for the preliminary engineering services for the 19th avenue transit streets bulb outs projects in total amount not-to-exceed $120,000 and authority the executive director to negotiate the non-material terms and conditions. >> good morning, and i am in for chester fung who is on vacation, i am here to discuss the bulk out. i want to give you history because it has been a while since we have been in front of you. it has been the subject of significant improvements, for example, in may of 2008, the transportation plan was adopted and since then, signal up grades, and curve grants and str
a change in tone. way to open the door to compromise. what? oh, wait. i'm being told that we got out of the video too soon. let's play the last bit. i'm sure it's great. >> but if the president consists on tax hikes, i don't think we're going to get very far. >> no new taxes. read my lips. i think we see why speaker boehner and his friend mcconnell are dining alone. >>> joining me now are angela rye and nia spmalika henderson. is the gop leadership the real problem here? >> absolutely. reverend al, when you look at what has happened from last night until even this morning, you saw the gop leave dinner with president obama and some of them went straight to the senate floor and the tone even changed then. then, this morning, you have senator mccain and senator graham almost berating rand paul from the night before. i think that you're seeing a real shiflt. shift you're seeing speaker boehner say that he is the hopeful and looking forward to this. this is the same guy that was strugdlie in strugling with the term compromise. i don't think it's only the president at all. all he's doing i
series "china, change and challenge." james tengan reports for us. the npc has wrapped up its third day and there are indications the incoming government will be different from those of the past. are you seeing any indications? >> reporter: yes, gene, delegates inside the great hall of the people are talking behind closed doors, but elsewhere in beijing we are seeing signs of how things are already changing under the incoming regime. business as usual in beijing, even with the biggest political event of the year under way. but unlike past years, you can't tell congress is in session just by looking around. when i was here last november, this area was full of flowers and decorations for the national party congress, but all that pomp and circumstance are gone, except for that red sign over there which says, long live the people and long live the chinese communist party. authorities usually put traffic restrictions in place on the main avenue running across beijing. that made it easier for delegates to get around, but this year those restrictions don't seem to be in effect. npc's standing
. the united states will not engage in talks for talks' sake. it will require a change in north korea's parties, demanding that pyongyang will meet its obligations on denuclearization. this leads to a few important other principals. first, the nightsticks will not accept north korea as a nuclear quest the united states will not accept the tree as a nuclear state. we will not compensate them for returning to dialogue. we will not tolerate north korea for bullying its majors -- measures. -- neighbors treat the tysons cannot approve without improvement in injured-korean relations. in the meantime, at the u.s. diplomacy on north korea on a wide range of issues continues. close coordination with our treaty allies, japan, remain absolutely central to our approach. we have expanded our engagement might develop a new dialogue key global actors who have joined the rising chorus of voices, calling on the dprk to comply with obligations. china does remain central to altering or korea's calculus and close u.s.-china confrontations will remain a key focus of the medics -- of diplomatic efforts. while the cl
-of surprising how quickly that has changed and clearly we are in different times not having to deal with this fiscal crisis that we have dealt with what does that give you the freedom do and what to focus on that might have been on the back burner with the emergency? [inaudible] first shot >>> so, i'm very caution to say it took a lot of hard work, i remember the day we walked into the office to a 40 million deficit we had to renegotiate our contract and peenings for the first time and pension that happens an issue in california were part of the state system and still not ready for the shake-out on the development and so, i'll like to think it's -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] level and i think that what it gibbs you time do is to start working on some of these dreams and really give development opportunities and that is what it's like despite the evidence -- the general fund and in our economic outlet team and that we -- [inaudible] and working and -- of that and i know -- and i worked on chinese investments because we are looking at capital investment and is for the amazing grow
to give out. >> a mother's out rage lash out at what they say is a potentially dangerous change to airline security. al gore slapped with a lawsuit. the connection to the bay area, we're back in a moment. >>> a painful wound reopened. 11 years after terrorists killed their loved ones, the families of 9/11 feel victimized again. this time, it's the very government protecting them that's on the slide. the tsa. it will soon allow passengers to carry small knives on flight. >> reporter: jessica, this is a pocket knife i carry with me just about every day. under the tsa's new policy, in pocket knife would be allow onto planes. earlier today, i spoke with alice hoglin. she's the mother of the victim of 9/11 and her reaction to the new tsa policy is quite visceral. >> this unwise move by the tsa is a slap in the face to the fellas who stood and faulgt. >> the move alice is talking about is the new policy that allows holding knives with blades that are less than 2.3 inches long and half an inch wide. >> they were able to charge up the aisle and take back control of their lives. if they would have
that the changes to their retirement programs would have to be negotiated. so they found reformat this summer enacted by the state of california to violate that and they have used that to hold up hundreds of millions of dollars of transit grants across the state and i believe that san francisco muni is affected by this, so consequently, this bill will go in and exempt them from the reform act from last year. we recommended a watch, and i am not sure how this thing from fair early on and we want to to be monitoring it as we move forward and coordinate with sf muni. and also on the matrix, 8164, initially we recommended watch and we are going to switch our recommendation to you today to oppose this measure, it is the law that this bill effects is a little used local private partnership legislation that has been on the books since 1996. i am aware of only two enstances of its application, the bill heightens the requirements which makes the projects cost more and makes it more difficult, should there be a project to materialize. our concern is the same concept, proposed by the surty bond companie
such a broad range of content types, as the way that we all share changes, the composition of news feed naturally changes as well. so you know, back when we were first getting started, news feed was primarily made up of text. but now that we have these cameras in our pocks with the phones, we can upload photos, news feed has become primarily about visual content. as can you see, since the end of 2011, now almost 50% of the content in the average news feed is photos and visual content. and similarly, a lot of us think about news feed as primarily about friends and what your friends are up to. but again, since the end of 2011, you can see the amount of content from pages and public figures who you are following publicly has increase sewed now in the average news feed it is more than 25, almost 30% of the content. so how we are all sharing is changing. the design of your news feed needs to reflect this evolving face of news feed. and who you are sharing with. of course we want to share with friend and get updates from friends but we also want updates from publications and businesses that w
enforcement more effective tools. the substitute also incorporates a number of changes, the result of suggestions from senator grassley and his staff. we have been working on this since january. tried to be responsive to the ranking member's concerns and suggestions, and have reached across the aisle to other senators. as a a.t.f. whistleblower, senator grassley has been the lead senator in whistleblower legislation, was a a.t.f. whistleblower, who testified last congress that the existing laws are toothless and they can help law enforcement -- can't help law enforcement, and that's why law enforcement consistently has called for firearms trafficking statute that can be effective and go after straw purchasers. we need now is to create better law enforcement tools. and i think this will -- the senators can join together on this will close a very dangerous loophole in the law that mexican drug cartels and gangs and other criminals have exploited for too long. stop illegal trafficking the firme arms act is important. this week -- the firearms act is important. this week the "usa today
all are that i understand people don't want to see change in their neighborhood but we have to grow. thanks >> i'm going to follow the commissioners comments. how carefully we all look at this project i received and read ail your e-mails and went out to the site myself and walked the muddy road. and i think you'll all agree you're lucky to live there. as i realized this center piece was designed for a few more people to be lucky to live there. as far as traffic i'm sure you'll all been to the hills of berkeley some of the ideas - my only real concern is i'm happy that the architect brought up was the help from the far distance from the city is how this will look in the hillside. i was very pleased that the architect picked up on camouflaging to some degree and using all nature colors. so i'm supportive and i'll let the commissioner add his comments >> i agree with most of the comments from the other commissioners. i have one quick comment for staff. on most of the maps this development curves around and there's an indication of a roadway that goes down to a the court will tell you
of president will change that equation. it may, however, move both sides closer to a deal but i think the revenue increases are going to be a difficult part until you get postsequester. >> congressman, i agree with everything you just said and speak to a couple of theories floetding around that the dysfunction we see in washington now is purposeful. e.j. dion suggests perhaps to make it hard for the president to accomplish anything that sort of shrinking the calendar on the affirmative portion of this administration. but also, trying to talk about people dislike congress more, thus speaking to the republican, larger republican theory that congress is at a -- government is the problem, thus leading to the idea that government should be shrunk. what do you think about those theories? >> i think it's little conspire toirl. you have differences from both sides. going to be difficult to just bridge that gap easily. and it's been difficult for democrats to move toward the republican side and vice versa. bringing government down doesn't help the republicans at this point. the president's the
, the mountains are so moving under the leadership nothing fundamentally has changed. the country doesn't need that kind of army, that is all. lou: california comes up again, the california teachers association which we were told last month is investing in a that manufacturers. it is almost doubles the reports of five years and they are enjoying it. >> state largely insolvent like the state of california finds no fiscal interest to invest in gun stocks doing incredibly well under this president, barack obama is the greatest gun salesman this country has ever seen. lou: had to point out rand paul is in his ninth hour filibuster in the process of the cia director to be, john brennan. your thoughts if you will of the bipartisan. >> nothing will be accomplished. the way to claim he cares more about bipartisanship than caving and giving an inch. lou: okay, all right. >> i am not optimistic. lou: thank you. that is it for us tonight, please join us tomorrow. he wants a tax-free state, and he is moving to get that done. michael hollander talks about the good times on wall street and the country itsel
was to change the culture, very much what we've heard today, change the culture to get rid of the stigma of mental health and understanding that a lot of these kids feel anxiety and stress, they need someone to talk to. they just don't have the perspective that an adult has. >> one of the things that struck me was the boys were interviewed, they knew they were in trouble, but i didn't hear them say i'm sorry, i shouldn't have sent the picture on. >> the three boys were arrested and they complied with a vuft stis program and part of that program was to write a letter to jill apologizing. as one could expect there is a spectrum of responses. some were very, very sincere. some were more concerned that they were caught. they were asked to be part of this video today, it was critical they were involved. i think what is interesting you catch the quote, while i'm the big dog, i got someone naked. i just want to point, that's the culture that was going on, that jill was a possession, a baseball card or a dollar bill. >> has that culture changed? >> yes, i think cassie is doing a great job a
but the attitudes don't change. so that is the human part, that is the part that should have consequences and not be ignored. otherwise the legislation really isn't doing what it's supposed to do, so thank you all very much. i really give a shout out to san francisco unified because they have been very, very on top of this issue, way ahead of the curve. >> thank you, gentlemen, so much. (applause). >> just a couple of comments. we're not going to take a big official break. if people need to get up individually, please do so. we have one more panel then we will take a break, a lunch break, lunch will be served at the table and you will have time at that point to chat with people and to take a break. before we move to the next panel, if i could have your attention, please, i just want to acknowledge some of the people in the room today are our law enforcement partners. and some of them have come almost directly from a funeral yesterday of a fallen hero, kenyon youngstrom, of the california hunters point. i want to eepblg the loss of one of our heroes on the california hunters point, k
. here is a copy for the clerk as well. and, so, it's merely changing -- striking out tier b and putting back a for the affordable housing requirement. so, that is the one amendment that i want to introduce today. and i want to give a special shout out to angelica cabanda, fernando and [speaker not understood] who actually worked with us and brought this idea to us and we were able to run the numbers and get some consensus throughout the community on this. mr. cory teague. >> just want to be clear. the amendment last week was to increase the residential impact fee tier up to tier 2 or essentially remove the reference to tier 1 which would revert it back to tier 2 and decrease the affordability from tier b to tier a. i want to -- yeah, i want to clarify. i think you're saying -- >> tier c. >> -- is to move back to tier b where its was originally, or are you wanting to go higher? tier b is what was originally exposed in the western soma plan with the residential impact fees bound to tier 1. >> okay. >> so, i'm not sure -- >> thank you for that clarification. >> i wasn't sure if you were po
constantly change and not aware of the traffic in the opposite direction and notice the views more. and the lanes of course are a foot wider than they are today. and they will be shoulders and if your car is disabled, you can pull off to the edge. and the next area, the tunnel portal will have a view centered on the palace of fine arts and as you come out, you can see alkatrez island and bay. and the next area is about 1,000 feet long. and when you come into one, you can see through the other end. it's almost like driving through a building than through a tunnel. and noise from the roadway will be sheltered. and the traffic will be out of view. >> when you come out of the last sort tunnel and as you look forward, you see the golden dome of the palace of fine arts and what more perfect way to come to san francisco through that gateway. >> it will be an amazing transformation. now you read it as one section, the road is a major barrier and then a wonderful strip along the water. all of those things are going to mesh together. >> right now the road really cuts off this area from pub
. >> as christina said there will be changing conditions on the roadways so that will be a concern. camera at the oakland coliseum lined up to look at flashing lights. the crew just cleared about two minutes ago so you should have a little slower drive for the next few as they clear north past downtown. southbound side here a new fender-bender. i'll move the camera and check to see but no lanes blocked by reports. a look at the bay bridge. a steadier shot than yesterday. no wind advisory for the bay area bridges right now. the weather changing. i'll give you a note about construction in the south bay coming up up. i'll hand it off t jon and laura because there's a much bigger event coming up. >>> in just a few hours from now, thousands of police officers from across california will gather at hp pavilion to remember two of their own. >> santa cruz police lauren butch baker and elizabeth butler being honored at a public memorial today starting at noon them both died february 26th after they were gunned down while interviewing a sexual assault suspect. >> family, friends and officers will gat
out by this upcoming weekend with the time change on sunday. i have been in quite a glory moment here. we finally have rainfall, and i'm loving it. >> coming up next, the accidental discovery by scientists that could fight debilitating diseases. stay with us. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >>> call it a happy accident, bay area researchers studying the difference between healthy cancer cells and dangerous ones have made a discovery. >> breast tissue cells have the same characteristics as stem cells. marianne fav vro is here are a closer look. >> what's so promising about the special cells is they can change and become a potential type of cell. so researchers hope they can generate insulin to help people with diabetes. and that's just the beginning. researchers are looking to understand more about breast cancer when they ma
that the white house with promises of change, and no such thing. there are dick cheney policies and worse. attorney general said yes i did not stutter, we can execute u.s. citizens and we don't have to give them a trial. of all people, rand paul stands up. they now have been doing a filibuster led by rand paul as you see there for eight hours joined by eight different senators to help them along by asking questions of. of those eight senators only one is a democrat, and he deserves a lot of credit. there he is. where are the other senators? where are the other democrats? where are the so-called progressives? where are the so-called liberals of the senate. where is elizabeth warren, where is burnie sanders. i'll talk to you in a second about what he thinks about this. there he is live, rand paul still going. i disagree with rand paul in a hundred different ways but god bless him for standing up on this. >> it's equivalent to making war on the country than the johnson and nixon administrations should have bombed every elite college in america in the early 1960s. >> cenk: now, look he mentio
of the united nations. but even there today, a brief moment of silent tribute. this is a moment of change, undoubtedly. also, this is not about politics. it is about a man and a deep, a visceral sense of loss. >> hugo chavez's koffman has just arrived at the military academy -- coffin has just arrived at the military academy, where he will lie in state until friday. i spoke with the former venezuelan minister of trade who joins us from new york. well hugo chavez's brand of populism outlive him? >> it will. there are several forces that he unleashed in the country that are going to be there for awhile. at the front of the debate, the poor and needy. he was very vehement about their exclusion he also did that in a highly polarized in fashion. the politics of rage and revenge have become part of the political fabric of the country and that is one of the many wounds that need to be late -- shield, whoever -- that needs to be healed, whoever his successor is. >> you think that will come with the election, whenever that is? >> this is not an end -- a normal election when there is a political pa
, standardization or comparable worth was changed in the charter. the unions proposed it. they agreed to it. they wanted the right to bargain about health premiums and about all of these things, and that is why we have the formula, the charter factors that we have and the labor language that we have, so i think that we can do our best as an agency to ensure as i hope we do and i think we do, to ensure that we don't have discriminatory wage setting practices and we do and i don't believe for example if we're having will difficult hiring an industrial painters and we need to increase the pay and does that mean we should look back at a classification from 25 years ago from a study and not our own study and cobbled together in the interest of time from the state of washington, city of concord, a number of other public agencies, so we actually have to respond to what we're obligated to do under the charter and that's what we're doing here. >> and so comparable worth has been changed to a new standard but not everyone is clear to what it is? >> well, i think it's really hard to reconstruct what i
to saturday. >> there are a few things can you do to adjust to the time change. experts recommend start changing your routine a few days ahead of time. each night, go to bed and get up 15 minutes earlier. move the alarm far away so you have to get out of bet. it sounds like sleep training with babies. you want to move your schedule, do it 15 minutes at a time. >> anyone here want to get up 15 minutes earlier? >> please! >> no comment. because there is no good comment . >> now a look outside at what is going on you can see the wall of water developing over the ocean where the greatest instability is. the ocean water is warmer than land right now so when you bring that cold air over the warm ocean water you can see what it is doing with yellow developing out there that is light-to-moderate rain. it is all headed toward us. the closer you are to the coast the more likely you are to get wet. the bay bridge, they said would cut off at 2:30 but they have been keeping it on longer. it is fascinating. how do you dress when you leave the house? san jose is at 42 and mill valley, same thing. 40 a
the mood there and whether you think this new initiative by the president will change anything. >> look it was very constructive. it seemed perfectly normal to have a group of folks talking about the biggest issue, our nation nation, and i don't think there's expectation that something over the next six months or six weeks is going to occur but helped lay a foundation for constructive talks between now and the debt ceiling but certainly it was very useful very sincere, very cordial and a good dinner. >> and did the president say anything that surprised you in terms of where he might go with respect to entitlement cuts? >> you know i've been over to the white house, charlie, on monday and sat down with gene spurling so i had a pretty good sense of the touch points. i do think that the conversations were very honest. republicans talked about tax reform, they talked about the types of structural entitlement reforms, the president talked about the kind of things that he felt like needed to be part of a larger deal so again, what i would say the most i think salien
less resources to soft power there are probably more important and soft power is where you change the hearts and minds of people. where you try to change cultures, try to change the norms in the community are and certainly in our office we devote significant resources to this. just a couple of examples. we have something called the parent project, and i am very grateful in a time of really reduced funding our board of supervisors stepped up and provided funding for otherwise what was run on a shoe string out of our office, and it's a program that teaches parents to be better parents and parents get referred this program through schools, through police department, through their churches and some of the behavior that we see in schools are behavior they are learning at home, so we try to address this through this project. we offer it all over santa clara county and in english and spanish and vietnamese and that is one example of what we do. a second initiative we are working to make happen is something called "school link services" where there's all of these different resources f
, concerning seismic standards and making conforming changes; making environmental findings; making findings pursuant to california health and safety code, section 17958.5; and directing the clerk of the board to forward this legislation to the california building standards commission. >> okay. president chiu is the sponsor of the legislation. >> thank you, mr. chair. this is pretty simple legislation that would amend our city's building code to require that higher levels of building repair retrofit would be required if there is significant and disproportionate damage caused by relatively small earthquake. these code changes were recommended by the committee action plan for seismic safety otherwise known as caps and have been supported by the building inspection commission and the advisory committee. i know there are a number of staffers from dbi who are prepared to talk about it. colleagues, if folks have questions, but let me ask, does dbi or does anyone from the city side want to make a brief explanation of why we're here? >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you, president chiu. my name
important. he woke up the american people. i think what you saw was a changing of the guard. you heard this all day. i do think you see ted cruz, senator from texas. marco rubio from florida. and rand paul from kentucky. that is the new guard. old guard is mccain, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell. i got to say, guys, when you look at it, the republicans, conservatives who would you rather have going forward representing you? the new young bucks -- they got it going on. by the way, for the record, mr. mccain after all this came out and said he thought rand paul was wrong for doing what he did. scratching my head all day why don't you embrace the young guys instead of continueed infighting? >> kimberly: it's interesting how it is lined up with who is pro and con versus a display of democracy. so what do you think about it? young guns? young bucks? what does this happen on libertarian island? >> greg: i'm still thinking 12 hours without peeing. that is a leak the white house is happy about. the big story here is not about the old or the new guard in my opinion. it's turning president obama
. and that's one of his trademark sign signals. he'll never change that. >> all right. o'reilly often resorts to finger-pointing. but what does it tell you about how he handles conflict? is he a very domineering guy? >> it's a dominant personality trait. when people do that, they typically do it in a way to say that i'm this one who is in charge here. and that's why over the years we've seen that politicians have changed from like the finger-point to a more lighter point so that people don't feel offended. because when someone points at you, there is an opportunity for you to feel offended. does it mean you always will? no, but there is a chance. >> all right. tanya reiman, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> thank you so much for joining us here on "the ed show." that is "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> i've never been more self-conscious about how i talk and flap my hands around than hearing you talk to the body language expert. i have to be a robot now. i'm doing everything wrong. i'm showing my cards. >> we are very normal. i feel good a
is that the law on this type of issue, especially as it relates to material support of terrorism, actually changed in 2006 and so it may be that they won't be able to reach back because the constitution and try him before that time. let's listen to one constitutional law expert i spoke with. >> until now, we thought that we could try them under these charges in the military commission system and it looks like it's not going to turn out that way which means that material support charges can be tried in the federal court system as they always have and they are highly successful in terms of bringing indictments and in terms of bringing convictions. >> so, wolf, we expect to hear a lot more about this suspect tomorrow with that presentment in federal court in new york city. >> we'll see who represents him in that as well in federal court. thank you very much, joe johns. let's dig deeper with senator ron wyden of oregon. he's a member of the intelligence committee. your immediate reaction that we learned to the news today. you may have learned about it longer than we did. what do you think of the decis
, turn it around. i think there is a change in -- a turning of the tide in public opinion. any evidence? i see some evidence of that in the president's approval rating. anything in the media? >> not so far. i mean, we'll have to see. i mean, what's going to happen is, you know, the media will be looking for examples of horror stories, if they don't find them. if they go weeks and weeks without being able to report on any real catastrophes as a result of this, people are going to realize, okay, we have this 600 billion dollars in tax increases without any spending cuts at the first of the year and now at the first of march we have a trivial amount of spending cuts, about 44 billion, well, that is, now, president does a balanced approach and spending cuts, and see the balance that he keeps talking about. stuart: i'm sure they'll be looking for pain and agony and find it it somewhere. rich, thank you for joining us, sir. as you may know, the house passed a bill that will fund the government through the end of september that will mean the government will not shut down the end of this month.
. facebook unveiling changes to the news feed eastern today. we're asking if facebook really wants to be more like google, it should blank. make its own video archive and call it facetube. and nathan writes, if facebook wants to be more like google, it should raise its stock price about $800. well said. take a look at the s&p intraday. we're at a new multi-year high here on the s&p, not quite a record high which is a little more than 20 points a i wway. the early release, the leak of a conference call regarding february comps continues to trade now up $1.15. let's get back to headquarters, wapner and the "halftime." >> carl, thanks very much, welcome to the halftime show with four hours to go until the close. take a look at the wall because that's where we stand on this thursday on wall street. stocks are extending their gain. a gain of nearly 50 points for the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq higher, as well. here's what we're following on the half. house call, called the top and bottom in housing. which is why you need to hear what she thinks right now. one of this year's hottest stocks
, virginia tonight. thanks. >>> now to air travel and the tsa's plan to change the rules back to before 911 and allow people to bring small knives on board aircraft. flight attendants came out against this rule change yesterday. then today the air marshals slammed the decision. nbc's pete williams in our d.c. newsroom with more on this tonight. pete? >> reporter: brian, some family members of people killed on 911 are saying they don't like the idea in addition to the federal air marshals. the tsa announced yesterday that starting april 25th, airline passengers can carry on knives that have folding blades up to about 2 1/3 inches long. slightly more than the height of a dollar bill. knives with longer or locking blades will still be banned. so will box cutters and razor blades. a representative for the nation's federal air marshals who are responsible for in-flight security describes them as being, quote, very upset and says the decision puts them at greater risk. relatives of some of the 9/11 victims say a pocketknife can be just as dangerous as a box cutter and a group representing flight
this number is baked in the cakes, the claims numbers, four-week moving number show there is no change in the labor market. the jolts data show you no major change in the labor market. none of the other indicators we look at show us there has been any near-term change in the labor market. we expect it to come in right around average, a little bit better than the consensus, we still, as we look forward in terms of looking it he squeeze on corporate profitability and corporate focus on earnings begin to think we are going to have a second quarter dip in employment, into the decline in employment, but a slow down in the pace of employment the second quarter, bring it back below 150,000 workers per month. >> steve, as an economist that sees weakness in future months in general in the economy, questioning the strength of corporate profits at this point, are you a bit surprised the markets are at record highs? i mean is this -- >> our view is the equity market is following what happened in the economy. the economy returned to the precrisis high several quarters ago and got the equity mark th
. >> the fact of the matter is the white house is changing how they're doing their outreach. this is different. almost everyone admitted after the dinner that it was more productive because the republican leadership was not in the room. in an interview with speaker boehner, who doesn't want to lose his job, pretty much agreed. >> so no more big top down deals, no more obama-boehner top-down deals or really -- >> those haven't worked very well if you've watched over the last few years. >> i understand. a lot of people would like a deal. >> yeah, but i don't think it's the way to get to one. listen, two people hiding behind closed doors doesn't replicate a 535 members of congress or the wisdom of 535 members of congress. >> right now there are actually some members of the republican leadership who prefer that the bargaining work this way, that the outreach is to the rank and file first, and then they bring in leadership. today the president's outreach continues. he's invited house budget committee chairman paul ryan for lunch at the white house. ryan will of course be rolling out his budget next
that will come back, to us there is some changing in the size and i think we'll have to approve that. i'm, of course, on that and i'll have more comments as to the settlement when it comes before us. i've been working for 2 to 3 months with the tenants in two different forms at the address of 3974. the upper portion is being coupled by the tenants. i've had agreement on the impact i think it seems to be mitigating the business stress there are issues that have to be worked out separately from the impact but there's going to be a look back on this particular project and i'm happy to see the progress that is being made by the restaurants to mitigate any compacts in my opinion and i'll continue to work with it >> thank you commissioner. >> as a followup to commissioner moore's parking newsletter i think in the latest issue because los angeles this is a article in there but it might behove the department to take a look at it and see if the rules are different than ourselves just to take into account to what's the term state of art? make a incision to staff to look into that. >> thank yo
and i am a native of san francisco. over the years i have seen the landscape of the city change with the times. i believe that the mid market civic center corridor is both ready to modernize the image, although it has been plaqued with crimes decreasing. the foot traffic shows this, with respect to the crime, my years of experience in the nightclub and bar security fields will help jen and drew to develop a coherent and flexible security program that addresses the needs of the hall as well as the neighborhood in general. the proposed beer hall at 1 polk would be an asset to the neighborhood in both a business and community sense and i strongly support this. >> thank you, next speaker. >> my name is matt maloney and i own a business in san francisco and i am all for businesss in san francisco and creates tax revenue and gives people employment and the concept is reliance on the off sales as far as i understand, they are very, very nice people. they are starting a small family, they have a small family, and i think that i am 100 percent behind it. thank you. >> thank you. is there
that you are a changed man. >> done. >> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome to our special coverage honoring the officers here on abc7 news. you are looking at a live picture of h.p. pavilion. thousands gathering for the memorial service for officer sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butter, two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty a week and a half ago. law enforcement officers from around the state are gathering. >> we will bring you complete live coverage for the next few hours of the memorial and the procession that has wrapped up. this is video of the 33-mile long procession that stretched two miles with 200 vehicles. it began at the santa cruz boardwalk this morning. >> travel on highway 17 to the h.p. pavilion, people were lined up saluting the fallen officers. we have crews spread out from the south bay to santa cruz. we will continue on, after our news would normally end at 11:30 and stay with the service until it is done. we are always streaming it live if you on >> good morning on this sad day. >> 51
a volunteer worker at a wildli wildli wildlife reserve near fresno. >>> facebook is announcing changes to its news feed today making photos and videos bigger and allowing users to customized what shows up in their news feed. >> facebook announced a new hire. they hired a new board member. >> the second woman to sit on the board. a well respected doctor and researcher. >> she's the chancellor of ucsf a and is seen here. some of the money coming from facebook's mark zuckerberg himself. the faa says this morning it's going to close air traffic control towers run by private contractors at small airports. the cuts will come in april assuming there's no budget deal. san jose's small airport is not affected but san carlos is. south county is south perform highway 101 to morgan hill will be unaffected. it doesn't have a control tower. you can land at san carlos. it will be an uncontrolled airspace. >>> the dow industrials opened at another record this morning. index of 30 stocks exciting the market. a lot thanks to low interest rates. both the bank of england and european central bank announced a few
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is suggesting one to 50 on thursday, friday, saturday. >> i mean, based unless it changes and the type of parties and we are not having these issues, 1:50 at this point, i think for me it is reasonable and it is not a big place but then there is an upstairs and down stairs you do need a number of certain people to handle this kind of space with this kind of event. >> okay. >> i like that idea of changing a little bit but i also like the idea of possibly coming back and do it in another six months to talk about this again. >> okay, any other questions for officers moore? >> thank you. >> i am opening up the floor to public comment, to recondition to amend the conditions of the permit of neck of the woods, 406 clement street. >> my name is stefhano, castalato and our firm is working closely with choy and the police department, this operator was under close scrutiny and from the entertainment commission. they got in trouble when they had poor communication and now the communication lines are excellent. they got in trouble when they hired outside promoters and now they do their internal pr
police chief bill bratton. he's in oakland now to make major changes to the city's crime fighting strategies. bratton, who is now a consultant, held a news conference alongside observing's police chief jordan at headquarters today. bratton says bringing down the number of homicides, robberies and burglaries is his top priority. he also says it's tough when you have a police department that needs a lot more officers. >> it's a department that i think you all appreciate is severely understaffed. and i don't use that term lightly. it is a small department for a very large and vital city. and at the same time when you have a small department, it's very important to focus those officers appropriately. >> bratton will be working alongside thomas frazier appointed on monday by a federal judge to be a compliance director in the city of oakland. >>> in san francisco a man accused of killing a teenaged girl during a dui hit-and-run will be charged with three felonies. police say brewer hit 17-year-old chang as she crossed the buoulevard saturday night. he faces up to ten years in prison. >>
party, we are change, tyranny response team, and americans for a free republic. and these anti-government patriot groups have skyrocketed a number during president obama's time in office. there were only 149 groups in 2008. in 2012 there's over 1300. look at the chart there. yesterday the southern poverty law center sent a letter to homeland security secretary janet napolitano warning more growth could happen. and brian levin is with the study for hate and extremism. gentlemen, i want you to start tonight -- it's your report, mark, so lead the way here. let me ask you this. i'm going to get into this in my close tonight on the show. i look at obama as a perfect american. i don't mean politically. we can agree left and right. you can argue about the drones, fiscal policy and all that stuff. but as a citizen. he went to school, never broke a law, raised a wonderful family, good husband, good family. i don't think he's got a speeding ticket. the guy does everything right. and he's really been pretty moderate on guns until the horror of newtown. i don't know what they're so afraid
're starting to see a move toward changing the reimbursement model where you don't get paid to do your office visit or your particular surgery. you're not getting paid for providing the whole -- what we call the bundle of services. or you're getting paid to take care of this patient's total health needs. so you have an incentive to worry about that total patient problem. so this is starting to change and take off and i would say in the last two years-- and we must give some credit to the reform process-- there's been militia openness to real restructuring than i have seen in my time working in the field. >> rose: so you've -- harvard has put together -- the harvard business school a report reinventing america, why the world needs the u.s. to bounce back. i'll talk about the specifics of that but why did the harvard business school undertake this project? >> well, charlie, i think that first of all i think we as an institution have missed an opportunity to engage in the most important issues facing business and in society historically. tended to do our thing: we teach wonderful courses, write
changing loopholes and make it revenue-neutral is some tax component to actually raise money against the deficit part of any deal that has to come out of all these talks? >> i mean, that is -- that's certainly the -- that's certainly the president's view, and that we had hoped that congress would have acted in the last month to pass, you know -- the president has put a balanced package on the table that is a combination of increasing revenues, of closing loopholes, as well as spending cuts, and, you know, the hope was that we would be able to pass that and have the revenues as part of that go for deficit reduction. now, you know, speaker boehner has -- is for tax reform. he has a view that we shouldn't use that money for deficit reduction, but what the president finds encouraging is that, you know, we're in the same universe in terms of the types of -- the types of reform that we think needs to happen. the president has been willing to join entitlement reform. we're not there yet, and the president had a really good dinner yesterday. there's a lot of differences, but some common grou
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